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File Name Inserts the file name. Sheet Name Inserts the name of the worksheet. Picture Enables you to insert a picture. Both the header and footer areas are divided into three sections: left, right, and. SUM is the name of the function. 2, 13, A1, and B2:C7 are the arguments. Parentheses enclose the arguments. Commas separate the arguments. After you type the first letter of a function name, the AutoComplete. The cells fill as a series from Monday to Friday. Adjust Column Width Some of the entries in column B are too long to fit in the column. You can quickly adjust the column width.

Move to cell A9. Type Count. Press the right arrow key to move to cell B9. Choose the Home tab. Click the down arrow next to the AutoSum button. Click Count Numbers.

By using functions, you can quickly and easily make many useful calculations, such as finding an average, the highest number, the lowest number, and a count of the number of items in a list. You use the Go To Header and Go To Footer buttons on the Design tab to move between the header and footer areas of your worksheet. EXERCISE 3 Insert Headers and Footers Choose the Insert. Press Esc and then click anywhere on the worksheet to remove the highlighting. To change the format of the time: Select cells C1 to C14. Choose the Home tab. Click the down arrow next to. When using Excel and working with two data sets that differ greatly in range it can be difficult to chart those values due to the larger range of one of your data sets. Click Average. Select cells C1 to C3. Press Enter. The average of cells C1 to C3, which is 100, appears. Find the Lowest Number You can use the MIN function to find the lowest number. Move to cell A7. Type Min. Press the right arrow key to move to cell B7. Type MIN(B1:B3). Press Enter. The lowest number in the series, which is 12, appears. Note: You can also use. SUM function to add. When using a function, remember the following: Use an equal sign to begin a formula. Specify the function name. Enclose arguments within parentheses. Arguments are values on which you want to. Find the Highest Number You can use the MAX function to find the highest number in a series of numbers. Move to cell A8. Type Max. Press the right arrow key to move to cell. For example, arguments specify the numbers or cells you want to add. Use a comma to separate arguments. Here is an example of a function: SUM(2,13,A1,B2:C7) In this function: The equal sign begins the function. Move to cell A6. Type Average. Press the right arrow key to move to cell B6. Type AVERAGE (B1:B3). Press Enter. The average of cells B1 to B3, which is 21, appears. After making this change, any file ending in.html is retrieved by the file servlet and passed to Deblink. Try it yourself. Create a ml file in server_root /public_html that is sprinkled with a few blink. Mar 25, 2016. ECC Women s Bowling co-Rookies of the Year Kaitlyn Buck of Felician. elected the 2015-16 East Coast Conference (ECC) Women s Bowling. Maindee Fire Station closes down, the building to be converted into a town library. May 27th and 28th. Described as the worst storm ever known to hit Newport, the resulting cloudburst causes heavy flooding at. Home News Traffic and Travel Water main work and temporary traffic lights. Water main work and temporary traffic lights on A518 Newport Road at Pilgrim Street. Severity: severe Water main work and stop/Go boards. Oedipus did not know who he was, though believed he did. The oracle, through his words, is a great threat to the knowledge Oedipus has of himself. Oedipus is blind to what cannot be perceived. Dabar eteryje: Tylios Naktys. ZIP FM. Klausyk! Pirma Kamera. Antra Kamera. ZIP Singlas MONIQUE Palauk Dar. Mixcloud. Dabar eteryje. Tylios Naktys. Click the Header Footer button in the Text group. Your worksheet changes to Page Layout view and the Design context tab appears. Note that your cursor is located in the center section of the header.

Click the left side of the Header area. Type your name. When you print yo.

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