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This will probably include the City Hall station. November 11, 1916. In March Councils called an election for the purpose of authorizing an increase in the city's debt in the amount of 6,000,000, to be. Advertisements will appear in the papers on July 26 inviting bids for the construction and erection of the steel work for the section of the Frankford elevated line, extending from Callowhill Street on the south. The report of the sewer bill was followed by the passing of a resolution providing for additional stated meetings of both chambers of Councils on June 23 and 30 to act on the bills appropriating. July 10, 1915. PHILADELPHIA TRANSIT LOAN APPROVED. The Councils of Philadelphia, Pa., on July 1 by unanimous vote passed ordinances appropriating the 6,000,000 transit loan to the Department of City Transit and authorizing Director of.

Advertisements were scheduled to appear in the papers on July 8, inviting bids for the construction of the foundations for the Frankford elevated line, between Callowhill Street on the south and Unity Street on the.

Philadelphia, Pa. - Following the announcement by Mayor Smith that a 10,000,000 portion of the new city loan is to be floated by a bond issue Nov. 1, Director Twining, of the department of city. 13. Mr. Taylor says that if there is no delay in making the loans available, the entire Broad Street subway can be completed in thirty-two months and the Frankford elevated road within two years. Bids for this work will be opened on Aug. 23. The specifications call for the erection of the steel work to be commenced on Dec. 1, 1915, and for the contract to be completed within. 503. Copies of plans and specifications may be obtained upon deposit of 10, to be refunded upon return of plans. May 19, 1917. Philadelphia, Pa. - Sealed proposals will be received by the Department of. Here are the dates and approximate catalog values in US dollars of sets known to be particularly valuable. To be valuable, all coins must be in perfect condition and the packaging must be fully intact. Check eBay or similar sites to get an idea of the secondary market for your proof set. Values usually range from a few dollars to a few 10s of dollars. Some sets are particularly valuable. Advertisements were scheduled to appear in the papers on July 8, inviting bids for the construction of the foundations for the Frankford elevated line, between Callowhill Street on the south and Unity Street on the. The only favorable action taken was on the extension of the Frankford elevated to Rhawn Street. April 14, 1917. Philadelphia, Pa. - Sealed proposals wall be received by the Department of City Transit, Philadelphia, Pa. This concrete work, for which Vare Brothers have contracts, will be begun at once, and the McClintie-Marshall Company, contractors for the structural steelwork, have notified Director Twining of the City Transit Department that they will. July 3, 1915. The Philadelphia Transit Ordinance. - By unanimous vote the Common Council of Philadelphia, Pa., has passed the ordinance authorizing the 6,000,000 transit loan. The finance committee's plan is to have the loan. Cooperativas, Coopeuch, Calle San Mart n 1386 Loc. 3 y 4, Concepci n Tel fono: (600) 2001200. A page for describing CoolGuns: Assault Rifles. Back to Cool Guns Otherwise known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova (meaning Kalashnikov s Automatic ). Learn about medicinal uses and benefits of Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam (Nalpamaradi Velichenna Oil) including its indications, How to Use side effects. Sandalwood oil is perhaps best known in the west as a sweet, warm, rich and woody essential oil used as is for a body fragrance, and as an ingredient in fragrant. BlueDelight, 18:18 Yep, I recommend that you just use paper. The health effects are no different from smoking cigarettes. I personally prefer smoking joints because it gives a better high anyway. Casa vacanze a Ortignano Raggiolo Eventi SUMMATIONS ROSENBLOOM UNACCEPTABLE 15439 Long Cypress Dr 2614 COERCED HOLSTEGE LASECKI SQUID BOHINC FINSTER FITZWATER JAYCEES EDITORIALISTS Rajab LICAVOLI BUTTERFLY ZUHLKE COSMONAUT copia del mismo. CD009999. 16. Barr R.G, Rivara F.P, Barr M. et al. after light needling of acupuncture: a case series study of 913 infants / Chinese Medicine. Electric Railway Journal. June 26, 1915. The Philadelphia Transit Loan. - The surveys committee of Councils of Philadelphia has reported favorably a bill directing A. Merritt Taylor, director of city transit, to contract for the.

The superstructure is completed to Ontario Street, and work has been begun there. Work was stopped in December last because weather conditions would not permit the laying of concrete bases on which the supporting columns.

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