Make It Fashion (2023)

"Make It Fashion" (3x12) is the twelfth episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. The group readies themselves for the ball while beginning to piece together a cryptic puzzle of criss-crossing threads of fate...


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Previously on Critical Role[]

So, last we left off, our band of heroes had been pursuing a few variable threads. You had come to Eshteross with information about this strange entity, the Nightmare King which you had encountered, who seemed to be responsible for a lot of the chaos bursting across the city of Jrusar that you had been either hearing of or present for. They also mentioned that they were under the employ of some individual named Armand. Eshteross said this sounds like Armand Treshi, a name familiar to you in some of these other investigations, and it was said that possibly, in the coming event, a ball of sorts, that is being held in under a week here in the city, may be interest in trying to find out more about the individuals involved, if not other ventures.

Make It Fashion (1)

You also found the individual that Chetney was looking for, Gurge Kisgregg, who gave you some information about where to find out the whereabouts of this troupe of hemocraft-based warriors that had essentially found ways to keep their beast at bay, may be able to teach you. Now with this, you're able to also speak at Eshteross' introduction to Oshad "The Anger" Breshio and the family of which he was protecting when two of the family members were killed recently by a very familiar assassination attempt. Gathering a bit of information and a direction into the Heartmoor to find more information, you also finally had a path into the Conservatory that you've been waiting for since your arrival in Jrusar. Late into the evening, you all went up and waited patiently as Imogen went through the library to seek any information that might help unveil answers about her strange reoccurring nightmares and her odd abilities, and you found some. Something, at least. Possible rumors and theories about seemingly historical recurrences of similar visions and dreams by others. And a name, a familiar one, that of your mother, Liliana Temult, before the remainder of this one report was seen torn and missing.

Part I[]

Imogen questions the library scribe about the missing pages and learns the last individuals to use the book were the Lumas twins. When she shares this information with the party, she also divulges that her mother is "gone". She never knew her and her father never talked about her, but she hears her in her dreams.

Make It Fashion (2)

Since it's very late by this point, most of the party head to the Spire by Fire to sleep, while Imogen and Laudna go to Zhudanna's house, reassuring themselves she is still alive and well. The next morning, they go shopping at the Golden Veil, a high-end clothing shop, for suitable garments to wear to the upcoming masquerade ball. After much negotiation and discussion, all except Dorian purchase new outfits.

They head to the Trove of Marwa to buy potions and other magic items. Along the way, FCG talks a bit about his goals. After some heavy prodding from Imogen, Chetney reveals to her privately that the velvet sack he stole from Vali Dertrana's office above Ira Wendagoth's lair[1] contained 80 platinum, which he is keeping.

At the Trove, they are greeted by Marwa Endalia, who is uncertain about the identity of much of her inventory but happy to make sales. Imogen sets off an Eversmoking Bottle accidentally while smelling it, and while under its cover Ashton tries and fails to steal Fearne's ornamental sword, Fearne succeeds in stealing a glass egg wrapped in a leather cord. The party buys several other items and components, including a Rope of Climbing for Orym and the Eversmoking Bottle for Chetney. Laudna makes a mental note to come back in a day or two for one item which Marwa describes but cannot immediately find. As the party departs, Fearne leaves the stolen glass egg on the counter.


Make It Fashion (3)

Part II[]

The party once again discusses possible group names. FCG reveals that their previous group was called the "Division of Public Benefit" or "DPB".[2] After many other suggestions, they are unable to come up with anything and once again shelve the issue.

Orym and Imogen head to House Lumas where Ela Lumas welcomes them and allows them to search the twins' rooms, looking for the pages torn from the book Imogen found at the Conservatory, but they find nothing. Orym tells her they plan to soon head to the Heartmoor where the twins were killed and asks if they can do anything for her there. In return, she gives him a small gold and silver pin to show to Estani, the family friend who was with the twins when they died.

Later, FCG tells the party what he remembers of the attack in which the rest of his party was killed: the creature had one eye. Imogen casts Detect Thoughts on him while he tries to remember more: It was early morning and he was still in stasis. He saw a lot of blood and some of his friends falling. He watched Dancer take her last breaths with the creature atop her, and then suddenly, it was gone. Imogen can learn nothing more from her link, as the memories are all partial and disjointed. As they finish, Matt out of character tells Sam he takes two points, which he marks down.

As Imogen readies to return to the Conservatory for more research, Laudna asks her to look for information on the Briarwoods, having a dead woman in your head a year after she's died, and if Laudna gets rid of the dead woman, whether she will lose her powers. Once there, Imogen can learn little beyond that the Briarwoods originated in Wildemount and then raised a bloody incursion in Whitestone, wiping out most of the de Rolo family and taking over. They held power for about five years before being ousted and apparently destroyed by Vox Machina, then had post mortem involvement with the incursion of the Whispered One. Imogen also finds a great deal of information about both spontaneous development of magical powers, and about the nature of the warlock/patron bond. She is unable to determine if her own powers spring from her bloodline or a natural conjunction of magical elements.

As a few days go by, Orym has a conversation with Fearne and Dorian in their room, asking Fearne about the fact that Ira Wendagoth recognized her last name. Fearne is unconcerned. Her family is basically royalty in the Feywild, though not within the Seelie or Unseelie Courts, and they have lots of enemies. Maybe they should be a little worried about Ira.

Make It Fashion (4)

That same night, Laudna wakes to find Imogen having a nightmare. The red storm has returned, and Imogen is locked out of her house. She hears her mother's voice urging her to run. She sees the silhouettes of two young people holding hands before being consumed in the clouds. Imogen frantically runs through the storm before waking. Laudna tells her she said the word "twins" during her dream, but Imogen isn't sure what she saw.

The next day, Laudna runs back to the Trove of Marwa and purchases the Bloodwell Vial Marwa couldn't locate earlier. Meanwhile, Chetney gifts Dorian the toy wooden airship he promised him, and Ashton sets up a mask-crafting party at their place. Each of the party creates a mask to wear to the upcoming masquerade ball, and Ashton's costume makes them look like the Nightmare King. Laudna dresses Pâté in doll clothes for the event.

The day before the ball, they visit Lord Eshteross. The invitations he has acquired for the ball are for two separate groups, one accompanying him and one accompanying a noble individual they can invent. He explains again that the Oderan Wilds are ruled by the club-like Chandei Quorum at the expense of the common folk. He would like to expose the members and the corruption within it, and therefore hopes to learn its membership. He distrusts House Treshi and seeks confirmation that Armand Treshi is on the Quorum and his connection to the Nightmare King. He proposes they plant a traceable silver ring on him, a duplicate of one he always wears. They will have to get his own ring from his hand and replace it.

The masquerade ball will be held in the Chandei Quorum's chambers at the apex of the Core Spire, and lodging for guests is provided there. They will meet at Eshteross's manor and travel by two separate sillgoat carts to the ball. Visible weapons must be checked at the door.

Make It Fashion (5)

The party decides that Dorian should go as himself, possibly pretending to be interested in employing Armand's Paragon's Call mercenaries. Alternatively, they'll get Armand drunk and charm his pants (and ring) off. Dorian asks if Eshteross can promise his family protection if he uses his real identity, and Eshteross responds everything comes with a risk but he will do everything in his power. The party decides that Dorian, Orym, Fearne, and Imogen will be one group, and the others will be with Eshteross.

The issue of the group's lack of a name comes up again, and in the subsequent discussion, "Bells Hells" seems to gain traction.

The next night, the sillgoat carriages take them all to the Chandei Quorum headquarters at the top of the Core Spire, where they see the other ball guests arriving through its 20-foot golden arch.

Featured characters[]

Player Characters[]



  • Daniel, a child on the gondola
  • Marwa Endalia
  • Quatell
  • Yome, a scribe at the Starpoint Conservatory Library



  • Imogen: (to FCG, about his being Polymorphed) Spells can't turn a chair into an animal. I don't think they can turn something inanimate, something that isn't living, into something that is.
    FCG: So you're saying I must be alive to be turned into something else alive?
    Imogen: Exactly. I don't think you give yourself enough credit.
  • Quatell: This single piece that would overlap with what you already have would run you 45 gold. But it is a delish.
    Fearne: It is a delish.
    Quatell: Yes, Katarin Delish was my associate.
  • Fearne: I wonder if Pussy would like one of these.
    FCG: Possibly. I mean, Pussy didn't really have a lot of opinions about things, but....
  • Laudna: What would Bell say if he was here?
    Orym: What do you think, Chetney?
    Laudna: (to Chetney) You’re old. Old people think alike, right?
    Chetney: Yeah! Um, fiber is important. You’ll miss your knees when they’re gone.
  • Dorian: (receiving the toy airship from Chetney) This is, without a doubt, one of the top five gifts I've ever gotten. It's fantastic.
    Chetney: That sounds like a disappointing life, but okay. We're square, right?
  • Ashley: I put [the toy ship] in the bowl of water.
    Laura: It's an airship.
    Ashley: Oops.
  • Laudna: (about Dorian) Do you think he's okay? Do you think this is a good idea, putting Dorian up for this?
    FCG: I think he's the best person for the job; he is a noble.
    Laudna: I agree. I just don't want to cause undue trauma.
    FCG: Then don't look at anybody.


Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Acquired1Cream-colored kebaya dressGolden VeilImogenCost 35 gold.
Acquired1Silver one-piece dressGolden VeilChetneyCost 12 gold.
Acquired1Chocolate brown wrap dressGolden VeilLaudnaCollar is a fox fur with the head left on. Cost 15 gold.
Acquired1Sleeveless dark green sherwani suitGolden VeilOrymCost 25 gold.
Acquired1Purple-grey double-breasted suitGolden VeilAshtonImported from Xhorhas. Cost 50 gold.
Acquired1Peach-colored jacketGolden VeilFearneTo go over Fearne's white lace dress. Cost 35 gold.
Acquired1PantsuitGolden VeilFCGFree. Fearne convinced the owner that dressing automatons was a growing trend.
1 setCarved wooden feetChetneyFCGTo wear with FCG's pantsuit at the ball.
Acquired1dark green healing potionTrove of MarwaChetney50 gold. In addition to being a regular healing potion, it provides poison resistance for one hour.
Acquired1Eversmoking BottleTrove of MarwaChetneyClear pale blue potion in a bottle, creates fog. 1 use per day. Cost 250 gold.
Stolen1Bloodwell VialTrove of MarwaFearnea glass egg wrapped with leather cord
Acquired1Rope of ClimbingTrove of MarwaOrym185 gold
Acquiredseveral flakesObsidianTrove of MarwaFearne5 gold
AcquiredGlass eye and multiple other spell componentsTrove of MarwaFCG5 gold, which Ashton paid.
Acquired1Ghastly boy doll with rotted clothingTrove of MarwaAshton3 gold
Transferred1Bloodwell VialFearneTrove of MarwaLeft on the counter for Marwa to find later.
Acquired1gold and silver pinEla LumasOrymTo show to Estani to prove they are trusted by House Lumas.
Crafted1Clay sculpture of a zigguratFCGCrafted on a roll of 5, it appears more phallic than intended.
Acquired1Bloodwell Vial +1Trove of MarwaLaudna+1 to spell attack and saving throw DCs on sorceror spells; 5 sorcery points regained with hit die roll. 300 gold.
1Wooden airship modelChetneyDorian
Crafted8masksThe partyTo wear to the masquerade ball.


  • Prior to beginning this episode, the party leveled up to 5th.[3]
    • Chetney rolled a 6, increasing hit points to 46.
    • Dorian rolled a 7, increasing hit points to 42.
    • Laudna took the level as a Sorcerer and rolled a 5, increasing hit points to 34.
    • FCG rolled a 7, increasing hit points to 47.
    • Fearne rolled a 6, increasing hit points to 41.
    • Imogen rolled a 6, increasing hit points to 31.
    • Orym rolled a 8, increasing hit points to 49.
    • Ashton rolled a 3, increasing hit points to 58.
  • The episode title is a quote from Tyra Banks in the second season of America's Next Top Model, "Hoe, but make it fashion," which has become a widespread internet meme.[4]
  • Sam's jerrycan has a plush turtle attached that is pooping Werther's Originals; at the bottom it says "Thanks to @ecobotmeg".[5]


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